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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can your Smaller Dog Mate My Tall Bitch?


We are very experienced in accommodating matings of this nature and will sort out all the logistics in order to ensure a successful natural mating.  We have a steps of different sizes for our boys to stand on.  Alternatively, we can also offer artificial insemination on site at no extra charge.




When Do I Mate?


As a rule of thumb we would usually mate around day 11 or 12 of the bitch's season. Day 1 being the fist day of bleeding.  Some people like to get ovulation testing done before they come but this is not essential. 


To avoid disappointment we recommend you give us a call to book in your mating, on the first day that you see blood so that we can reserve your desired stud.  We can often accommodate a short notice mating so give me a call to check availability.



Does He Throw big litters?


I get asked this a lot but in reality it is the bitch thats determines how many pups she has by how many eggs she has released to be fertilised.  The male dog releases millions of sperm but can only fertilise as may eggs as the female has released.  My boys have sired litters as large as 14 pups and as small as 3 but they can not take the credit for the litter size.  Also, the female will not usually release more eggs than she can handle.  The litter of 14 was a large Labradoodle girl.  Don't panic that your little Jack Russell or cocker spaniel girl will have to carry this many - she wont.




How and When Do I Pay?


Payment is due in full at the first successful mating.  We can not accept cheques due to problems we have had in the past so please bring cash on the day.  

We now happily accept payment via bank transfer too.  All payments using this method would need to be completed before the mating visit.  We are in a rural area with poor mobile signal so you'll be unlikely to transfer while on site.  Please contact Amy who will forward the account details for the transfer.  

Once your payment has been made you will be issued with a copy of the stud's pedigree (where applicable), his DNA eye test certificates and a photo to show your puppy buyers. 


The fee entitles you to one successful mating.  If requested, we are very happy to accommodate a second mating at no extra charge.  This would need to be around 48 hours after the the first. 



Will you take pick of the litter instead of payment upfront?


Very rarely we may be in a position to accept pick of the litter as payment but this is not standard practice these days and would depend on a number of factors.  Terms would need to be agreed in advance.



What if my girl doesn't get pregnant?


In the unlikely event that your bitch does not become pregnant, as a gesture of good will, we can offer ONE free return visit on her next season.  It MUST be the same bitch that is brought back on her next season for her free return visit to the same dog. 


To avoid disappointment you will need to give us a call as soon as the bitch comes back into season so that we can reserve the appropriate stud dog for you.  In the rare event that the stud dog you used originally is already booked up, we may be able to offer an alternative sire, or the free mating may be carried over to another season.



I have never had a litter before can you offer advice?


We understand that if this this is your first experience with breeding it can be a bit nerve wracking, especially if she's your baby!  Relax, you are in good hands.  You can feel free to ask as many questions as you like and i'll be happy answer.  We have a lot of experience with breeding and can offer our advice on all aspects, from the mating through to advertising of your litter and everything in between.  I always try and give a realistic idea of what you might expect from the process.   

What colours will I get?

We can't guarantee what colours your girl will produce. We can make predictions based on your knowledge of her colour genes, our experience and our boys' past results.  It will be an educated guess however.  Even with all our years experience, Mother Nature still likes to surprise us at times with colours we would never expect from a pairing.

Do you offer AI? (Artificial Insemination)

Yes, we offer artificial insemination on site at no extra charge.  This is useful if you have a bitch that will not stand for a natural mating or a bitch that is very nervous or excitable or for any other reason, difficult to mate.  Not every bitch is forthcoming, even when its the right time to mate.  Some people just prefer AI as it is quick & easy.  Our success rates are high with this procedure.

Can I pay extra for a 3rd visit?

One mating is usually plenty to get a successful pregnancy.  We do offer a second mating free of charge if requested, usually around 48 hours later.  Sometimes we get asked for a 3rd mating and as long as the dog is available and not at rest before his next booking then we can accommodate.  The additional mating will be charged at half the original stud fee.  People that request a 3rd mating have usually had trouble getting their girl pregnant in the past or are not sure exactly when the season began.  Some people just want to cover a longer period of possible ovulation - belt and braces approach.   

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