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Teddy (Chocolate)

Amy - 07561426750

Our Beautiful Chocolate Miniature Poodle Stud  

Teddy Poodle Stud Dog Teddy


 Kennel Club Name: Edmunds Teddy Bear

Pet Name: Teddy

Breed:Miniature Poodle

Height to the shoulder: Approx 13 inches

Colour: Chocolate Brown





 Teddy is on the slightly smaller side for a miniature poodle stud dog. He stands at approximately 13 inches to the shoulder.  However this doesn't stop him mating with taller females including Cocker and Springer Spaniels and even Labradors and Standard Labradoodles. He is ideal for smaller ladies too. He has a rich chocolate coat of thick curls as well as a chocolate nose and eyes.  He carries the chocolate gene and also apricot from his mothers side. Poodle Stud Dog Teddy



 Teddy has the biggest most wonderful personality.  He is so happy, playful and confident.  He is a very clever lad who loves toys, games, retrieving and running around investigating everything.  His nature is submissive but not nervous and so he is wonderful with children and other dogs too.  Teddy has a love of toys, teddies and socks! He is always carying something sound with him. He nurses his cuddly toys for days, then eventually pulls all the stuffing out and tares them to bits making as much mess as possible.  In the winter evenings you will always find Teddy sat on the hearth right in front of the fire, his favourite place.    




 Teddy has been extensively DNA tested and has a CLEAR certificates for:

He is regularly semen tested to make sure he has good fertility and he has regular vet health checks to ensure he is peak condition. He is fully up to date with his annual injections as well as the kennel cough vaccine and worming and fleaing treatments. Poodle Stud Dog TeddyBooking

 We are very flexible as to times and dates. It is best to book in with us a soon as possible to ensure the stud you want is available and not at rest (we do not over use our boys and need to ensure they get a rest period between matings) so we ask customers to give us a ring to book their appointment as soon as they notice that their bitch is in season.

However we can often accommodate short notice matings and often have people call us when they have been unsuccessful with other stud dogs elsewhere so it is well worth giving us a call.



The stud fee for Teddy is £250 and is due on the first mating. You will then be issued with a copy of Teddy's pedigree, all his DNA test certificates and a photo to show your puppy buyers.  We will also include a sheet explaining all the health tests and what they are for.

. Poodle Stud Dog Teddy07561426750 / 01477 500 000

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